Picnic Island

Like many kids, I was fascinated with the idea of living on a remote island, fueled by stories of pirate treasure and Robinson Crusoe. However the islands of my imagination were always tropical with surf lapping at the shore, palm trees, coconuts and monkey butlers.

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Smallgrain - Small business big on community health

Becoming a healthier community sometimes takes small steps. If you tried shutting down the big fast food chains in one go you would have riots on your hands. It’s up to individuals to create businesses that offer healthier options and Smallgrain, a new food van and market stall, is one such business.

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Goulds pharmacy - A sweet spot in the herbs

“Nature is still providing all the health remedies we need, we’ve just stopped sharing them.”

The comment is made by naturopath Kathryn Simpson who moved to Tasmania from Lennox Head 18 months ago to work specifically at Goulds Apothecary and Natural Medicine Clinic in Hobart, which is supported by a biodynamic, organic herb farm at Allen’s Rivulet. Goulds is something of an institution in Hobart, established w-a-a-a-y back in 1881.

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